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Address 4180 Eagle Crest Rd NW Salem, OR 97304

Step into an extraordinary estate sale in a sprawling 4000 square foot home, a treasure trove brimming with history, nostalgia, and an eclectic array of rare finds. This isn’t just an event; it’s an immersion into a bygone era and an exploration of diverse collectibles. Imagine wandering through rooms adorned with turn-of-the-century antiques, each item steeped in its own story, speaking volumes about a past era. Original albums from the vibrant ’70s and ’80s beckon music enthusiasts, promising an audible journey through time. As you venture further, discover a world of old-world treasures—a cornucopia of wall clocks, exuding both elegance…

We frequently update our upcoming Estate Sales page with new events in the Salem and Portland area. Please check back soon for the latest dates and locations! *Please note: To respect the privacy of our estate sale auction clients we only release the location the day of the sale.

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